Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

Workhouse Terms of Service: Access: Member will be provided access solely through the Proximity software to the front entry door. Member will also be provided with a key for secure access to any Suite being rented. Use: Member may not use the Premises, any Services, or any computer systems or networks to conduct or pursue any illegal activities or conduct any illegal transactions, including, but not limited to, downloading, distributing, or viewing any illegal content, engaging in any activity in violation of OFAC regulations, and/or illegally downloading any copyrighted content, or any other activity that violates any intellectual property rights, and any such conduct using the Premises or systems or networks may result in immediate termination of this Agreement. Services. The Premises will include standard power outlets, common area restrooms and a common area kitchen. For common use within the Premises, Landlord will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide certain services (collectively, the “Services”), such as access to and use of shared printer, shared parking, and shared coffee. Any or all of the Services may be provided by Landlord, an affiliate of Landlord, or any third-party service provider designated by Landlord from time to time in its sole discretion. In order to receive certain Services and Access, Member may be required to install on Member’s computer or phone device certain drivers or software tolls, apps (collectively, “Software”). Member acknowledges and agrees that Software may be owned, controlled, or provided by third parties, and that the installation or use of any Software may be subject to separate licenses, terms, conditions, or restrictions. Landlord provides no warranties with respect to Software. Member, on behalf of itself and its employees, agents, and invitees, waives any claim against Landlord, its affiliates, and any person acting on behalf of Landlord or its affiliates arising from or in conjunction with the installation or use of such Softwares. Mail: Member will be provided with and be responsible for one (1) mail slot for mail deliveries. Landlord will not accept mail on behalf of Member. Landlord will not be responsible for any items received on behalf of Member or delivered to the Premises. Personal Property Insurance: Member shall, at its sole cost and expense, maintain personal property insurance covering any and all personal property of Member and its owners, officers, employees, agents, and invitees from time to time within the Premises, the Premises and/or the building in which the Premises is located. against loss or damage by fire and such other risk and hazard as are insurable under present and future standard forms of fire and extended coverage insurance policy or policies, in an amount of not less than full replacement costs and with such deductibles as are acceptable to landlord. Security: Member acknowledges that all keys, key cards, key fobs, and other such items used to gain physical access to the building, Premises and/or the Office Space remain the property of Landlord. Member will not attempt to (or allow others to) gain unauthorized access to the Premises. Neither Member nor any of its agents, employees or invitees are permitted to enter any other office space in the Premises. Member will use its best efforts to safeguard the Premises and Landlord’s property and will be liable for all costs and expenses should any such property be lost or damaged as a result of Member’s and/or its employees, agents or invitees acts or omissions. Member is solely responsible for maintaining all necessary security and control of any and all user names, passwords, or any other credentials issued to or used by Member or its employees, agents, or invitees. Member will not allow (and will instruct its employees and agents to not allow) a party unknown to them to enter the Office Space or the Premises and acknowledges that such action may result in the termination of this Agreement. Member is and will remain responsible for the actions or omissions of all persons that Member or its employees, agents or invitees allow or invite to enter the Office Space or the Premises. Member Directory: Landlord may place Member’s name and contact information in a directory of Workhouse’s members; provided that Member will be given the opportunity to “opt-out” of such listing which it may do at any time. Publicity: Member may use the address of the Office Space as its business address, but only during the Term of this Agreement. Member may not use photos or illustrations of the Premises, or any Workhouse Marks, in any of Member’s marketing materials or in any other manner without written consents of Landlord. Signs: Member may affix approved signage approved signage to the private member entry door to member’s leased Suite or Suites. Landlord will provide approved template for member to utilize.